We have a nice sunny day today. Its cold but crisp and clear. We are starting to see things turn green from all of the rain we have had. I am looking through seed catalogs and putting together in my head things I would like to grow next year. Such pleasant things to think about.

I need to get my rose bushes trimmed and I need to put some pine needles around my Camellias and Hydrangeas. I was reading that they loved that. I think with the sun shinning it will be a nice day to do that. We have a constant drama going on outside my kitchen window. We have a Pistache tree covered in seeds. There is a mockingbird who believes they are all his. He spends all day every day guarding them.

I have watched him shoving the berries in his beak just as fast as he could. I have spent so much time watching the drama going on in this tree.

The berries are starting to fall out of the tree now, but that mockingbird ever faithful to his task is continuing to hold down the fort. I love it this time of year when the leaves are finally off the trees. I get to watch birds to my hearts content. I am so surprised at the birds that I know are there in the summer are not able to be as sneaky in the winter. I was thinking now that the busy and go-go-go of the first 25 days of December these last few days of this old year will be so much of a slower pace. I like it.

Its warmed up enough to go clean my chicken coop now. One of the things I love about cleaning my chicken coop and putting in new shavings is the hens are all so content with a nice clean house. It gets so quiet down there. No one is pecking the fire out of the ones who end up being on the last of the pecking order. I am going to have a hard time not getting any more chicks this year. I feel the chick fever beginning to start.

I hope your day is a lovely one and you are doing what ever it is that you love. Next week for me, dyeing wool. Yep, my New Year tradition.


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