Christmas Blog Hop—Day 19

I was outside this morning and I found that this hydrangea was such a pretty color of red. This is my hydrangea that has white flowers so that surprised me that it has this pretty color in the winter.

Pom Pom shared her Raggedy Ann Dolls. I thought I would share mine. I keep mine in my hope chest. The little Raggedy Ann doll I got for Christmas in 1968. I got Raggedy Andy for Christmas in 1972 and the big Raggedy Ann came from my Mom to our oldest daughter in 1982. One of her friends had made it and it was bigger than our daughter at the time.

There are things that scare me, and for me one of my fears is that these dolls will be thrown away or given to Goodwill when I go onto greener pastures. My grandkids think they are creepy. I think the girls do too. So I know what an odd fear right? I have a couple more upstairs. I have this shelf on the landing above the stairs. When our daughter in law was giving away this little rocker, I knew I needed it. (really, I am keeping it for her that one day when she has a little girl, I will give it back to her so her little girl can sit in it like she did.) I have this picture in my mind of a little girl in a long dress holding a book as she smiles and looks up at the camera. Every time I see this chair that is what comes to my mind.

I found these dolls in a store that I loved to visit and I love them. This shelf is above my head and I didn’t want to get up there to take a better picture.

Last but not least. In the seventies people painted pottery and stuff like this. My step-mom painted this for me for my bedroom. I still love it. Though its in my hope chest now. It hung in my bedroom when I was a girl until I had a little girl. I think that now I am at this age. I think about odd things. I have this memory of my great grandmother and she was in her bedroom and she was showing me some things I asked about on her dresser. We were just talking when on her bed in the middle was a very old cloth doll.

I asked her about it. She smiled this faraway smile and walked over and picked her up. She brushed her dolls now worn hair with her hand and hugged her to her chest.”

She said that when she was a girl in Missouri. Her Dad was going to town and he asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She said they knew that he didn’t have a lot of money that year, but she had seen a doll in the general store earlier that fall and she said she told him if that was still there she wanted that. He smiled at her and she said that she didn’t think she ever wanted anything as bad as that store bought doll. She said, she didn’t really expect to get it but on Christmas morning when her Dad gave her a package wrapped in brown paper, she knew what it was. She said, she still loved it as she did then.” I think at that time she was in her late eighties.

I thought of her this morning as I was holding my dolls and hugging them. They do know so many of my secrets. What is Christmas but tales from long ago. Stories that are made up of dreams and wishes. I wish you a wonderful day. One full of joy.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Blog Hop—Day 19

  1. Sweet!
    I worry about stuff like that too, although my hubby reminds me that I won’t be around to worry about it ~LOL!
    Thanks for sharing your sweet memories at this special time of year.


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