Christmas blog hop:15

I think I am turning into a every other day kind of blogger. I did finish shopping and I did get packages mailed. I think that I am on my way to slowing down to think and reflect about life. To hook my rugs I am working on and hopefully get them finished before Christmas. I want to sit and make goals for myself. Last year I did this and I set completely crazy goals for myself, and in-spite of myself, I achieved all but one. Since the one goal I didn’t accomplish involved other people. I know that it just wasn’t God’s time.  Do you ever think about God’s timing? One that took my breath away happened this week. 

Our son is taking a trip to be with his girlfriend and her family. I am never happy about it because its a trip to the other side of the world. I was telling someone about it and she was able to tell me she had been to that place and her husband goes quite often. I just sat and thought about how good God is to me and how in my life even before I had an idea my son would ever go to this place, He was already there doing his work. It always makes me feel so small. Loved of course, but so in awe of how incredible God is in every single thing. 

I read this today. It is of course from Elisabeth Elliot. 

“When people ask,”What makes you think God is love? Look at the things He allows,” I respond that He loved us enough to make Himself nothing and come to earth in the form of a helpless baby. He loved and walked among human beings, demonstrating His love. The best proof of His love was His death. He died for us that we might live.” 

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) 

Today on my daughter’s blog she wrote this. “Another thing I always wondered about. By the time Jesus is crucified, he has his disciple John look after his mother Mary. So Joseph must have died by then. Do you think Jesus healed Joseph or considered resurrecting him? Jesus didn’t do it for everyone. He allowed his stepfather to die. That’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? God doesn’t operate the way we do.” (K.M. Carroll Author) Plus she has an adorable picture of our newest grandson.

That is something to think about isn’t it? So when my plans don’t materialize. Or other things happen to upset me. I can still trust God to be God in all things. I hope you have a lovely day,


6 thoughts on “Christmas blog hop:15

  1. Change is hard, isn’t it? I feel like I spent this entire past year in mourning because I so didn’t want things to change. Also, that thought I shared about Joseph upsets me to think about. Interesting, but upsetting. Although, that does mean that Joseph didn’t have to watch his firstborn die. He was already in heaven by then.


  2. lovely how God is showing you His love and care to you and your family! Early Church tradition has always held that Joseph was much older and took Mary to take care of her as she had vowed herself to God. So that Joseph had already died is not as surprising when this is taken into consideration. Joseph has always had a special place in my heart – such an example of what a true Godly God-loving MAN is – obeyed God immediately, listened to God, honoured Mary (not wanting her to be shamed publicly) and protected Mary and the then baby Jesus. Now THAT is a true Man! God bless you and your family! 🙂


  3. I really enjoy reading your posts, Kim! You always have some wise thoughts for us to think on. And…You’re doing sooo much better than me about posting regularly! I hope you have a good week, looking forward to Christmas, hopefully with family!


  4. You’re amazing! You accomplish so much, and stick to your goals!
    You inspire me!
    I love this season, and how much we focus more on our Savior and his life.
    Would that we ponder and pray on His life and ministry more throughout the year…

    Warm wishes..


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