The March to Christmas:Day Seven.

Today is the first Friday in December. December Seventh. On this day in 2001 we moved to this house. We had not sold our other house. I was terrified out of my mind. No one was buying houses in 2001 because of the events of the that had happened  September 11th of that year. When we started building this house there was not any idea that the world was about to change. Our children were 19,15,13,11,9,7. We had been trying to move to the country since before the kids were born. We had finally did it and I just knew that God was going to forget us. On a day when I was standing in our other house in the back yard, crying watching the sun set. I finally decided it was time to go in the house. I had not done my devotional time yet that day. My husband had started a fire in the wood stove. I grabbed my basket that had my devotional things in it and turned to that days reading. 

“How long wilt though mourn?…fill thy horn with oil, and go, I will send thee…I have provided…

—1 Samuel 16:11 

I knew that this was God’s word for me. I finished packing and knew I must trust God with it all. It was such hard work to move all of us, and get it done. Christmas was coming. We moved in on that Saturday of December 7th. Ron took the kids back to get our chickens and the coop and bring the last load here. He had got the kids and everything in the truck, when a couple stopped at the house and asked if they could go inside and look at the house. Ron said yes and took them for a tour. They said they wanted the house and would be in touch. I told Ron earlier in December all I wanted for Christmas was a sale pending sign. By December 10th we had that sign and by December 21st. The papers were signed and by January 31 the money was in the bank. God had indeed provided. Now for these 17 years, He has provided and continued to provide. We have had weddings and parties, and grand babies. We have really lived in the house and with the youngest leaving next week for San Diego we will have one more son at home for awhile. How things have changed. I am so thankful that I am right here this day on December 7th and not moving. Writing this post has reminded me of the faithfulness and the graciousness and never failing love God has shown us and our family though the years. What a wonderful life I have lived, all because of the mercy of God. 

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4 thoughts on “The March to Christmas:Day Seven.

  1. We also moved to the country 17 years ago. We were renting and we still had a housenote. I wasn’t really worried about the finances because I knew this was my house, and because I had had some indications in prayer that it was my house. However, even though I wasn’t worried about the money, when everything was moved in and my husband went to work the next day, and I was alone in this house 35 miles from anyone I knew on a gray, rainy day, and all my stuff in boxes, and I didn’t even have a car or phone, I thought “AAAAAAAHHHHH! What have I done!!!!” 😉

    It worked out.



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