December 3rd

christmas xmas christmas tree decoration

Blogging every day is good, but it means I spend a bit more time thinking.

When the children were all at home. We would as the kids called it “light the candles.” I liked it but as the kids got older they didn’t like it so much. We got away from it. Now thinking about it as this is the first day of Advent. We would have lit the purple candle tonight. Of course, all of the passages Ron would read Advent passages out of his Bible. Those passages still have a bits of wax from the over zealous kids who blew out the candles. I think I really need to revisit it.

aerial photography of trees

I am afraid I have become more of a Grinch at Christmas rather than a Mary. I get so caught up in what I have to do, my lists I need to get done, the places I need to go, rather than sitting and waiting and using this time for refreshment to my soul and of waiting on the Lord. Where did the joyful anticipation go and when did I grow up?

storm 041

When I was a girl, I lived next door to my grand parents. It would get dark so early and I firmly believed that Venus was the star that stood over the manger with the baby Jesus there. It would be cold, and I would crawl up on this I think it was a metal stanchion to haul calves to the sale. For me it was like a jungle gym and I would climb to the top and I would sing every Christmas carol I knew. Every night. We didn’t go to church. I really didn’t know much about the Christmas story. I heard from kids at school that there was a story about Jesus in the Bible. I got the Bible that was just for looks sitting up on the mantel. I am glad that the story is in Luke 2 because I started in Matthew and when I found it I was mesmerized by the words. ” For unto us is born this day in the city of David, a Savoir, who is Christ the Lord…” Luke 2:11

storm 426

My Mom had went to Cornet and had bought us a small Nativity set. I found a couple of shingles that had blown off the roof of the house.  I got some scotch tape and taped two shingles together. I went to the barn and got some hay and put Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in the barn I built. Then I would stand on the hearth of the fireplace and I would read that story to my baby in the manger.

shallow focus photography of yellow star lanterns

Every year that was my job. I still have a Nativity on my mantel. You know though, sitting out in the cold singing my heart out to heaven, still reminds me that its that part I love about Christmas. I love looking up in the night sky this time of year and seeing Venus and remember that little girl singing her heart out to God. He of course was real to me then as He is now. Of course, when I remember this part from my childhood, I can’t help but laugh as I remember my Grandpa opening the back door and yelling outside to me in the cold, “Kim! You hurt?” Me of course, very quietly saying, ” No Papa, I’m fine, as I very carefully climbed down and went into the house for dinner.


advent blur branch bright

Have a wonderful new week this first week of December.








5 thoughts on “December 3rd

  1. Beautiful post, Kim.
    Thanks for sharing your sweet memories.
    I’m working on getting into the Christmas spirit this year.
    I am so grateful for our Savior and for this precious time to celebrate His birth.

    It’s snowing here and it’s been so cold.
    I’m wishing for more days in California to spend with our Grand, and to visit with sweet friends 🙂

    {{hugs}} ~K.


  2. I think we eventually stopped doing Advent because we had all memorized the dang book. I think if we had gotten a different book, it would have been fine. I do miss it, and I think my kids are mostly old enough to do it. I just never have the energy.


  3. I love that story. I know the angels were sitting on the fence, too, smiling and warming your little self with their joy. Oh, I love the heart for Truth you had then and still have. LOVE.


  4. Ah…Christmas memories! When you tell about making the stable out of scraps that your found…reminds me of the nativity that we had when I was a girl. My mom had done the same thing! She made a stable out of scraps of wood that she’d found on the farm. 🙂 I hope you have a good week!


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