Christmas: Day Two

christmas gold balls

I haven’t written many blogs since Ben and Megan decided they were going to sell everything and live in a travel trailer, experiencing life on the road. They want to find a home and they wanted to see each state before they decided to settle down. They have now been on the road nine months.

About the same time it took Kessie to have a baby who is now here. Wow, I never thought about it like that before. That is what I love about blogging, it gives me perspective.


In the past, I have thought of Christmas as the end of all things, the end of the year, a time of slowing down and reflecting. I am doing something different this Christmas season. I am going to look at it as a time of new beginnings. January is of course that, but this year our Christmas will be different than any of the past. It will be a time of new traditions. With Peter starting his new job this month in a new city. One more bird has flew the nest. Two of the three that still live in our city, are very busy with their lives and the son we have that still lives at home, will be busy with his girl friends family and doing their traditions. Always before, I fixed a Christmas eve dinner, a Christmas morning breakfast and then a very nice Christmas dinner.

winter windmill

So as my picture says, I am going to make snow angels. I am going to just cook a very nice Christmas breakfast and maybe a simple dinner. So that which ever family members happens to be in town, they will be welcome to drop in on their time schedule and hopefully, Christmas this year will be a pause to reflect on what is important.

Not my unmet expectations. Which I have always had since I was a little girl. It was always more fun to wish and dream with a catalog laying on my tummy in my grandmother’s living room than the actual presents under the tree.

afterglow background beautiful branches

When I was a young woman, trying to figure out life and how it worked and looking for a older woman to come along side. I turned to books. One of those women was Ruth Graham. Now as each one of the six are living the life God has called them to do, I find Ruth’s quote even more poignant today.

“I asked Mother how she endured so many years of goodbyes.
She quoted a mountain-man who said, ‘Make the least of all that goes and the most of all that comes.
~Gigi Graham Tchividjian


I wish you the best Christmas season ever. Thank you for visiting today.

Here are the other lovely gals who are taking part.

Pom Pom’s Ponderings

Happy December 2nd,


4 thoughts on “Christmas: Day Two

  1. Oh, I love your heart’s receptivity to the Spirit’s breath. Now that we are older, I think we like to name things, to call attention to holy moments. For example, to pause on Christmas Eve, when everyone is eating their Chinese food dinner, and maybe say, “This is a moment, a sweet blip, don’t miss it.” I hope I remember.

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  2. It’s so hard to make new traditions. I feel like every year at Christmas I flail. I have one set of Christmas memories, Ryan has another, and I never know how to combine them for our kids. Especially this year, with a new baby! Playing it by ear, I guess.

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  3. None of my children will be with me for Christmas this year! I’m looking forward to all the church services around the feast, but what it will look like at home is still an unknown. But I know it will be good 🙂


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