Another Beautiful Day

It was another pretty sunrise. I wish I could describe the smell of the desert. It could be the trees or the clear air or how fresh it is but because I am not familiar with the trees and plants it’s hard to know.

I love how they use rocks and drought tolerant plants. It’s just makes so much sense.

There is this great big wash behind the house. This is how the coyotes and the javelinas get around. I haven’t figured out how to get down there to go explore. Maybe when I get the kids today we can figure it out.

So far my favorite thing besides being with Kessie and the kids. It’s been cooking! It’s so nice to be able to do that instead of going out to eat when we stay in a hotel.

I will stop now. It’s nice writing a post from my phone. I am in a comfy chair by the fire. I am starting to figure out this vacation thing I think!

Have a delightful day,


3 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Day

  1. I love your pictures! I think you must be smelling all the nice green mesquite and stuff down in the wash. Our little wash smells very nice, too. Plus just general fresh air. đŸ™‚


  2. Love the terracotta-colored walls, and the desert plants are gorgeous!
    How fun to be in a new kitchen puttering and cooking!! I can imagine that you’re having a great time with your family and being on vacation. Don’t overdo the vacation thing… you might become addicted..~LOL!!


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