Another Beautiful Day

It was another pretty sunrise. I wish I could describe the smell of the desert. It could be the trees or the clear air or how fresh it is but because I am not familiar with the trees and plants it’s hard to know.

I love how they use rocks and drought tolerant plants. It’s just makes so much sense.

There is this great big wash behind the house. This is how the coyotes and the javelinas get around. I haven’t figured out how to get down there to go explore. Maybe when I get the kids today we can figure it out.

So far my favorite thing besides being with Kessie and the kids. It’s been cooking! It’s so nice to be able to do that instead of going out to eat when we stay in a hotel.

I will stop now. It’s nice writing a post from my phone. I am in a comfy chair by the fire. I am starting to figure out this vacation thing I think!

Have a delightful day,


Greetings From Tucson

I have never wrote a post from my phone so we will see how it goes. We are waiting the arrival of our grandson. He should be putting in an appearance soon. I am getting to be Grandma again. It has been a long time to be away from these guys so I am loving every minute.

This was my view this morning. So far I love Tucson. I forget how much better I feel in the desert.

We sat this morning in front of the fire and had our coffee while the sun came up.

I feel very blessed to be here. In fact it’s better than Christmas!

Have a wonderful week!


Being Thankful in all Things

april photos 011

This time of year the morning glories are glorious. They really do like the cooler weather. In the summer, they are closed sometimes even before the first rays of sun hit them if its going to be a hot day. I haven’t had the energy to fool with fall decorating much. I have put a few things out but not like in the past. I haven’t even had the energy to get any pumpkins. It has caused me to think about contentment and being thankful in all things.

april photos 006

I found while being sick my mind would stray to when I am well I will do this. Or next week I will get this done. Then next week comes and I am not doing anything at all. What I am thankful for is I learned that each day is all I have the strength I have. This one day.

How can I make this one day a great day? How can I make this one person feel special and feel loved? How can I look outside of myself long enough to look upward and pray for whomever God brings to my mind. It has been challenging because I am a person with tons of energy most of the time. I have always been able to push through just about anything to get better. To have my chain jerked has and is a place I have never been before.

april photos 001 I am blessed to have a wonderful family. They have stepped in and taken up the slack. I called Emilie one day and she was at work and she dropped everything to check on me and bring me Sprite which was the first thing I could keep down. I have always been a woman who if I cried, it was in the shower, so no one could hear me. When I wept like that in front of Emilie I wanted to just die. What I learned from this is I am human. Weakness is not something I ever want anyone to see. What I learned from this is, by being like I am, my pride doesn’t like to accept help from anyone. Having to ask for help was tough. But what I found was, by being so prideful. I don’t let others get the benefit of serving. I think it was good to see my pride and how it sometimes isn’t good to try and be supermom.

april photos 010

Is there a point to all of this? Yes, there is, just me saying that even in a place I didn’t expect to be, I found so many things to be thankful for and to find love when I didn’t expect it. It made my world get very small so that I could rejoice in the small things. Like watching the flicker eat ants outside in the yard. Watching the wind blow through the trees and see the flashes of gold and blue. Hearing the sound of the windchimes and think of Ben and Megan and where in the world are they now. To pray for a new grandson and his Mommy. To think of all of the wonderful little voices I will get to be with soon. Of Peter finally getting back from his trip to Bali and knowing that he is finally safe at home. On and on it goes. But like a Rosary each one of these prayers for others became precious to me. On my heart.


IMG_1649 (2)

If you are still here, thank you. I really need to write more often here than I do.

I wish you all of the best,