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Can you believe we are almost to October? I love October. Today we have real fall weather. Its lovely. The house is all open and the breeze is flowing in from the ocean. We have rain in the forecast and snow in the mountains next week. This morning while out feeding my chickens, a Flicker flew over. His bright red underside was glowing in the early morning light. It made me so happy that they will be here for winter. To listen to the calls in the trees and at first, I think I have a hawk. I am glad I saw him today. Fall is here when they return. This last week I finally finished His Eye is on the Sparrow by Beth Twist.


I started this in January 2016 and I finished it in September 26, 2018.  Now to get it framed. I wanted to share some of the things I have learned while doing counted cross stitch.
“In life there are always mistakes. But like in my counted cross stitch, stopping right then and fixing the mistake is better than waiting for it to go away and ignoring the problem. Fix any mistake if I can right then.

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Follow the pattern. I need to repeat this over and over to myself. Quit trying to fix the problem by thinking I can figure something out on my own. Follow the rules. God gave us a book, it really is quite simple, so in life I just need to do what it says and quit trying to think I am smarter. I am not.

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Don’t give up. I have had this thought lately, I will never be a really good sewer, or hooker or crafter or gardener or even blogger or writer or wife or mother or teacher. On any day one of these pass through my brain. I keep sewing because I think if I keep ripping it out and if I keep sewing I will get better. If I am not happy with where I am then it is up to me to keep working only I can change the outcome and be where I want to be.

Pay attention. How often I will be doing a counted cross stitch and I just sort of enter in to this place where I don’t know where I go but when I wake up, I have added too many stitches and I have to spend 20 minutes ripping out. I have to always be paying attention in life, to notice things that really important to pay attention to those nagging little voices that creep in that I need to listen to instead of turning up the music a little louder.

Be myself. Enjoy the journey. When I am sewing or reading or even walking, I am in hurry up mode so I can say I walked 5 miles or I finished another project or I can add another book to my reading list. I need to slow down and enjoy what I am doing so what if my finished projects look homemade well heck they are and I am getting there, so why not enjoy the work of my hands instead of comparing myself to others.

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Be real. Yep, I make mistakes in my counted cross stitch that I just leave there because I am tired of the pattern and want to do something else. Stop being ashamed of what I do. Thank God that I have this time in life to sew.”

(reprinted from my other blog. January 21st, 2013)

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Thank you so much for visiting here. I wish you blessing upon blessing today,




6 thoughts on “Thoughts and Sewing

  1. Your photographs are beautiful – I would like to see a close-up of the beautiful cross stitch, too! What an accomplishment!

    I really need to work on the lesson of not hurrying, but paying attention at the same time. I guess they go together, unless the not hurrying turns into laziness!

    I’m enjoying the fall weather with you. We might get some rain this week!

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  2. I like all your thoughts and observations! I agree with all of them. We’re supposed to get rain next week, too, courtesy of tropical storm Rosa. Last hurrah of monsoon season!

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  3. Hiya! Love your positivity; it’s contagious!
    I like how you seek the good, and it is so wise not to compare ourselves to others.
    Comparison really is the thief of joy 🙂

    Oh, yay for October. I do love Octobers…always have, always will.
    I’m so grateful that I live in a world where there are Octobers.

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, sweet friend.

    p.s. Once again, congratulations on finishing the cross stitch piece. It is beautiful and you did an amazing job!!

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  4. Oh my goodness, that cross-stitch piece is amazing! You are a more persistent woman than I am when it comes to needlework. I do love it, but would have a hard time taking on a project like that. Well done! I love the lessons that you have learned through doing this piece. I think you should print this out and put it behind the piece when you frame it.

    I’m looking forward to October too. It looks like our first two days will be lovely and then crash. There has already been snow in the higher elevations and more snow/rain to come toward the end of the week. ‘Tis fall indeed.

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  5. I am thankful to have read your blog. I too hurry instead of enjoying the journey. I want to slow down and rejoice when I sew each part that comes into making the whole quilt. In life, I want to slow down and smell the smells, feel the breezes, feel the sun. Days, weeks, months, years are flying by without me cherishing everything God has placed in my path.


  6. hi kim…i view my knitting (and life) mistakes in the same way, i almost always fix my knitting mistakes!! the cross-stitch is beautiful…and those morning glories are magnificent!!!


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