My New Home


We caught this on our game cam as you can see on June 25th. I was out walking one morning and I found his tracks, so I was excited that we were able to get his picture.

This is my new blog. I have no idea which way it will go or what I will talk about.

I am still learning to operate it. I will leave it here just so if I have any visitors you will have something to look at.

I hope your summer is great.

Thanks for visiting,


(Not me by the way, just a guy I watched out in the ocean.)




9 thoughts on “My New Home

  1. Hi Kim, I hope that you will like how things work at WordPress. That Raccoon looks like he’s up to no good.
    We’ve had rain overnight and it’s sunny again but we are supposed to get more showers.
    Hugs, Julia

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  2. We haven’t had Raccoons visit here in some time now but they have in the past, eat all the cat food we leave out for the neighborhood cats. – That guy looks like he’s having a good time. – So will this be your new place to post?

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  3. After I switched from Blogger to WordPress, the number of views of my site dropped and never recovered. I think the old stats were often very affected by robot hits. So don’t be discouraged. You might get new readers, too, other WordPress users, who knows!!

    And the more you post, the more comfortable you will be with the new platform, the more readers you will have, and the more fun it will be. God bless you!


  4. Love the guy windsurfing! And the raccoon! It’s hard to start something new in July. July is just not a time for beginning anything. :-p


  5. good luck with your new space here kim, i hope you like it and adjust well! we have raccoons here too, they are not as bad as the skunks!!!


  6. I found you! I hope you like WordPress. Is it difficult? I’ve thought about moving from Blogger too, but didn’t quite know what to think of WordPress. I’m curious to know if there’s a difficult learning curve to it?

    Your raccoon looks mischievous. My son has had a raccoon getting into his ranger almost every night so he’s going to trap him (or however many there may be. All the best with this new blog!


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