Monday Morning


How are you this Monday Morning? We woke up to clouds and smoke. August is almost here.

Ron started his new job this morning. He was like a little kid this weekend starting school on Monday morning. Getting to work in town is wonderful, and so it getting to sleep until 5:15. I felt like I was on vacation.

Except of course, I had my terrible dream. Some people dream of being at school and not being able to find their classes. My dream, is I am working in a grocery store, I have no idea how to run the register and people are lining up and watching me as I try to learn how to even open the register. This morning though, a man wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. Marlboro. I had no idea how much a pack of cigarettes even cost. I was so glad to wake up. I wonder what on earth that means.

IMG_1648 (2)

Last week, William and Makenzie flew to Michigan to find Ben and Megan and the boys. They took a trip into Detroit to visit a museum.  I loved this picture that Makenzie got of our two oldest sons and all four grandsons looking at swords. Gosh, I never knew how bad I could miss people. What a learning curve this has been for me.

IMG_1649 (2)

This one is another favorite. Makenzie told me that when they walked in this area that one of the boys said, ” Oh look, its the canyon in Yellowstone.” She told him to look at the name of the painting and it says, “The canyon at Yellowstone.” Earlier in July the boys had stood on that very spot and looked at the view and to walk in a museum and see the painting. I just loved them all looking at it like that. Ben and Megan are taking the kids on a homeschooling tour I always dreamed about. I am so happy for them. This week, they also visited Laura’s house in Wisconsin. Where Laura Ingalls was born in The Big Woods.

Sometimes, dreams are realized in the next generation.


I had to show you William and Makenzie’s dogs. Oliver is that cutie looking up at me with the pointy ears. Elsie is that cutie pie that has her head turned. Oliver is so cute. A scamp,

and Elise is so well mannered. I went over and Makenzie and William made lunch for me. They were so sweet.

I am going to stop here. I am still figuring out this stuff. I hope that you have a great start to the week.



“Dumbledore to Harry,” It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. ” (J.K. Rowling, The Sorcerers Stone.”)





My New Home


We caught this on our game cam as you can see on June 25th. I was out walking one morning and I found his tracks, so I was excited that we were able to get his picture.

This is my new blog. I have no idea which way it will go or what I will talk about.

I am still learning to operate it. I will leave it here just so if I have any visitors you will have something to look at.

I hope your summer is great.

Thanks for visiting,


(Not me by the way, just a guy I watched out in the ocean.)